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Best Way to Make my Chevy Colorado Faster

If you own a Chevy Colorado, then you are definitely in luck. Exactly today I will tell you how to make your vehicle faster and more powerful. In fact, it’s not as hard as it sounds. However, I will explain in detail how you can improve your truck with a Chevy Colorado Cold Air Intake. If you are interested in this topic and want to upgrade your Chevy Colorado as soon as possible, then keep reading this article.

Best Way to Make Let’s first understand what a cold intake system is. Cold intake is a system in which the intake filter is brought out of the underhood to draw cold air from the atmosphere. The colder the air in the fuel-air mixture, the more it can be placed in the cylinder and thus increase the power and speed of the vehicle.

What Does the Cold Air Intake System Consist of?

A zero-resistance filter provides not zero, but significantly reduced resistance to airflow.  Standard air filters have a filter element made of very dense material, in addition, the design of such filters is not entirely successful in terms of the amount of air passing through.

Filters can be washable and dry type. For washable ones, there are special kits available which consist of washing and impregnation. The rinsing is used to wash the dirt off the surface of the filter, and the impregnation serves to trap the small particles of dust and dirt, trapping them on the walls of the filter, and not allowing them to get into the engine. Oil impregnation allows the holes in the filter screen to be larger, thus reducing resistance to airflow. The filter element in dry-type filters is not impregnated with anything but is also reusable (washed or blown backward).

The Cold Air Intake System

Best Way to Make my Chevy Colorado FasterInstallation of the filter has its own peculiarities. To prevent hot air from entering the cylinders, it is important to choose a place in the underhood space that would be as far away as possible from any sources of heat. You should also put on a protective heat shield. You should not install the filter too low because once it gets dirty, it will quickly lose its properties. A corrugation is attached to the intake port, which draws cleaner, cooler air “overboard”. The special shape of the housing and the filter element itself creates additional vortices that help fill the engine cylinders. As a result, you have cold air coming from the outside, the more air can be placed in the cylinder, thereby increasing the power and speed of the vehicle. Now you know how to upgrade and install a cold air intake system.

That’s It!

Well, now you know how you can increase the speed of your Chevy Colorado with a cold intake system. You’ll agree that it’s not that hard! And if you enjoyed this tutorial, post a comment and share this link with your friends!

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