Cold-Air Intakes How and Why They Work

Cold-Air Intakes: How and Why They Work

Today, the cold air intake is becoming more and more popular among drivers of SUVs, race cars, and any other type of vehicle. And, also, among all other equipment for a truck, the cold air intake is at the top of the list. But have you ever wondered how it works? Or maybe why it works? If not, then today I will tell you in detail how and why this tool works. And if you also own a Toyota, I’ll also give you the best examples of it for your vehicle. To learn more, keep reading the article:


Cold-Air Intakes: How and Why They WorkThis may be a new thing for you, but cold air intakes have been on the market for such a long period of time. Also, emission standards and fuel intake systems have changed over time. But most importantly, the improved intake systems are now all based on similar rules and schemes.

And now it’s time to break down in detail the meaning of the cold air intake system. However, in reality, it’s not that complicated. The task of the system is to receive cold air. Moreover, it will be denser and hold more oxygen. However, agree that the cooler the greater. Indeed, there is no single rule to determine the amount of power at a temperature drop. There are so many variables. The next thing I need to say is that the dynamic curve depicts the power gain. Accordingly, it is definitely correct for almost everything in the motor and intake system. But it’s not a linear scale. Let’s follow to understand that the science of mathematics can only help explain some of the science on which the systems are based. Also, often all of us don’t even think about it.

There is an opinion expressed by Daniel Marty, engineering manager, that in order to calculate potential power gains, you have to follow the following algorithm. You have to split the first temperature by the cooler temperature, and then calculate the square root of that. But what you need to remember here is that you have to count on the Rankine scale. Consequently, you have to add 460 degrees to the temperature on the Fahrenheit scale.


Cold-Air Intakes: How and Why They WorkThere is one more vital component in air intake for energy, though, and I speak about greater and improved airflow. So, why is this so important? It is essential to know that the cold air intake, that limits airflow compared to a stock system, will override the pros of lower intake air temperatures. But if you want the system to perform better, it must provide an intake volume of cold air greater than the air you receive from the stock system. Over time, however, the OEM system improves and changes a bit, so it will no longer be as easy as it seemed.

But in order to get power from the airflow, you need to reduce the interruptions to reach laminar airflow, which is any airflow that flows in a basically parallel path.

If you own a Toyota and are just looking for a new and improved cold air intake for Toyota Tacoma, then I suggest you consider the following options: K&N or Volant. The same brands are also suitable for you, if you want to buy cold air intake for Toyota Corolla. I can also guarantee you their better quality and durability.

But when I speak about the advantages of cold intakes for Toyota, then this should include not only increased engine power but also less chance of getting detonation. In some cases, it can improve throttle response and reduce fuel consumption by a couple of percents.

Of course, there are also disadvantages such as the typical noise from the intake, as well as some risk of water hammer. The thing is that often the intake for cold intake is placed in a bumper and there is a little chance of water ingress there. Although the danger is rather far-fetched because in order to get a hydrostroke you need to lower completely the end of the intake pipe into the water, otherwise the engine just will not create enough vacuum to suck it in. So, you should not worry about it at all.

That’s It!

Now you know in detail how the cold intake system works. I told you earlier that the process of the system is simple. What’s more, I hope you find the right system for your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Corolla. So, did you enjoy this tutorial? Also, I recommend that you give me your thoughts and experiences in the comments and share the link with your friends.

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