Cold Air Intakes vs. Stock: The Benefits of Upgrading a CA

Cold Air Intakes vs. Stock: The Benefits of Upgrading a CA

You own an SUV and want to upgrade it to the max? Then you are a very lucky person! Because today I will tell you what may raise the horsepower of your Dodge and explain the main characteristics of the cold air intake and stock. Besides, I will show exactly what are the benefits of the perfect cold air intakes and which of them are suitable for your particular truck. If you are interested, then keep reading this article!

Cold Air Intakes

First, you have to understand the process of best intake system. There’s really nothing complicated about it. As I said before, this product can raise the power of your Dodge. This only happens because of the cold air. What’s more, the intake pipe gives less turbulent air. Also, remember that such advanced systems can even upgrade the torque and fuel mileage in your truck. And if you’re a fan of loud motor noises, then you’re in luck as the intake of cold air usually changes the sound of the motor and it growls.

Tip. Choosing the Greatest Cold Air Intake for Dodge

Cold Air Intakes vs. Stock: The Benefits of Upgrading a CAFirst, you need to accurately check the compatibility of the cold air intake for Dodge Durango and your vehicle model. alternatively, you can even find out all the information on official websites and special customer services. I advise you to buy systems with a straight intake pipe, as they let air flow through it faster.

The cold air intake is virtually useless without an enhanced air filter. Not expensive intakes frequently have a paper filter component, which is restrictive than stock.

An Upgrading

In fact, absolutely any driver can easily install or replace a cold air intake system in a vehicle. You will only need basic tools to do this. In addition, it will not take very much time. However, removing the replacement airbox is the hardest part. I suggest you better check some details with the manufacturers or experts on how to correctly take out the airbox. Also, you better not throw away the stock system. The bracket attaches another end to a part of the truck and goes to the air intake to the fresh air source. And at this point, you’ve already installed the system. That’s it!

Dodge Durango

If you own a Dodge Durango, then I advise you to choose your cold air intake system carefully. You should think about the following: smoother curves will ensure efficient airflow, and a uniform diameter as the airflow does not expand and contract.

The greatest model of cold air intakes is K&N. K&N kits are truly works of art. They start out with a big conical zero-wheel filter generated to give more filtration surface area. The extra filter area guarantees more air at low engine speeds than the standard OEM filter, which is limited by the size of the air intake box. The bigger air filter allows longer filter life before each cleaning. The cold air that enters the motor raises power. All K&N kits use adapters made from high strength materials such as silicon and nylon to ensure long life. What’s more, these kits come powder coated.

Dodge Cummins

Cold Air Intakes vs. Stock: The Benefits of Upgrading a CAFor Dodge Cummins SUVs, I also recommend this same model of the cold air intake. K&N cold air intakes offer little intake losses, reliable motor protection, and instant throttle response. Dodge Cummins cold air intake can be installed in less than two hours. They don’t use metal tubing because they raise air temperatures and raises intake noise levels. Intake systems are generated to force more air into the motor to raise power.

Dodge Challenger

Cold Air Intakes vs. Stock: The Benefits of Upgrading a CAIf we speak about best cold air intake for Challenger, the K&N intakes are a vast upgrade over easily replacing the stock filter with a K&N filter. This series of cold intakes use only non-metallic tubing that can lower intake air temperatures and decrease motor sound. Non-smooth, stock intake systems, lower the efficiency of your motor, even if you put a K&N zero resistance filter in the stock seat. The stock intake is the weak link in the airflow chain, robbing your truck of additional horsepower. K&N zero resistance cone filters, which are included in most cold intake systems, virtually eliminate the airflow laminarity. That’s why K&N cold air intake systems are the greatest for this model of vehicle.

That’s It!

Now you know all about cold air intakes and stock. Also, I hope now it will be easier for you to choose and install a new cold air intake system. And if you enjoyed this tutorial, you can also share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Have a great trip!

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