Do Cold Air Intakes Work Better in Winter?

Have you recently purchased a Jeep Renegade Cold Air Intake or is it just time to change your cold intake system? Either way, have you ever wondered if you can drive with a cold intake system in the winter, and is it true that it works better in cold weather? If so, then you are in luck and have found the right article! Today I will explain in detail whether or not the cold intake system works better in the winter on your car. So, if you are interested in this and want the answer to your question sooner, then read the whole article!

In order to understand whether cold air intakes work better in winter or not, I suggest you look into what this system does in general.

On the one hand, the air intake system can certainly affect the speed and power of your car. The cold air intake system is the system that delivers cold air into the engine intake manifold. The standard air intake system more often than not has a lot of resistance to airflow. More than that, the air intake is usually from the hot engine compartment. Furthermore, the air is hot, both through intake from the under-hood and by heating the plastic elements of the intake path close to the engine. All of this lowers the power of the motor.

On the other hand, the speed of your car directly depends on the engine and its condition. That’s why it’s so important to keep your engine running as long as possible. Excessive heat causes a lot of damage to your vehicle’s engine. Since car engines are only made of metal parts, too much heat is very bad for your engine. Therefore, it is very important to have a good cold intake system and change it regularly.

Now we can already say that the cold intake system in winter is cool! But either way, it’s better in the summer than in the winter. But regardless of the season, if water gets into the cold intake system, it’s bad for your engine. If you live in an area where it gets cold, but not a lot of rain and puddles, you may be lucky and can drive safely in the winter. If not, I suggest you get a piece of the intake tubing and move the filter to a safer place away from the water. Or you can just wait out the winter and continue to drive your car in the summer.

That Is It!

Bottom line, I hope you don’t have that question about the cold intake system working in the winter anymore. In fact, today I answered you in detail and revealed some important tips regarding the cold intake system. In other words, it’s true that the cold intake system works better in the winter and it’s been proven. But if you don’t want to harm your engine, then it’s better to wait until summer. Anyway, did you like this article? Also, I suggest you to write comments on this topic and what do you think about driving in winter with a cold intake system?

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