Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust Sound

Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust Sound?

Have you recently purchased a new cold intake system? Or are you just curious about the features or capabilities of this unique system for your car? But either way, today I’m going to answer your most important question, which is, does the system change the sound of the exhaust? In fact, this is the most popular question among drivers, so you’ll be the first to know the answer today! Moreover, you will also be able to find out if there is a benefit after installing this cold air intake or not. So if you are interested in this, then hurry up and start reading the article!

First, Let’s Find Out What Is the Role of Air in a Vehicle?

Before I can accurately answer our main question and explain how we can change the sound of the exhaust, it is necessary to understand what does air has to do with the car? The answer is simple and it’s power. To deliver power to the wheels, a car’s engine ignites the fuel and generates combustion. To exist, this combustion absorbs the oxygen in the air. A car motor gets its oxygen by sucking in the air from the environment. This is the reason why it is very important to have an air intake in your car. To produce more power, you need more combustion and more oxygen.

Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust Sound?

Does a cold air intake make exhaust louder? Now I’m bold to tell you that unfortunately, the presence of a cold intake system in the car will not make the exhaust louder in any sense, like a bigger muffler or something. But it will definitely improve performance and efficiency.  I recommend you order a cold air intake and put a K&N air filter in it. It is one of the best air filters out there. For your car, it will probably add about 7-10 horsepower with the air intake.

But if you do set out to make a louder exhaust, you have to do more work with the motor itself. The loudness of the car is not what makes it great. It’s what’s inside it and how well it sounds and runs. What I suggest is an intake that will add performance and it will sound better. You’ll notice it, and I doubt you’ll be disappointed if you go out and buy it.

How Does Loud Exhaust Help Your Car?

First of all, by making the sound louder, the resistance to the exhaust gas coming out of the muffler is reduced, thereby increasing the performance of Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust Soundthe car’s engine.

The pleasant sound of the car will give you a feeling of pleasure while driving, and confidence that the transport works more smoothly. Our masters will do everything qualitatively and quickly. And free diagnostics of the existing muffler will allow you to specify where it is better to do the repair work.

Tip. How to make the exhaust louder?

Replacing or removing any part of the exhaust system will increase the volume. For example:

  • Muffler. You can remove it, replace it with a resonator, or a muffler of a different design. The latter two options allow you to adjust the sound.
  • Middle muffler, aka resonator. Can be replaced with an analog without sound absorption.
  • Pipe. Replaced with a wider one.
  • Exhaust manifold. Replaceable with equal-length one.
  • Catalytic converter. Could be replaced by one of the sports ones.

The easiest way is to put a straight-through muffler:

  • Carefully dismantle the regular acoustic filter.Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust Sound
  • Prepare the base of the structure – cut out the old can and remove the internal filling.
  • Assemble the straight-through muffler – connect the factory pipe to a new, pre-purchased large diameter pipe, which will allow the exhaust gases to pass through it without any resistance.
  • Lay heat-resistant insulation – the welded structure is wrapped tightly with the material so that no gaps are left. The tighter the insulation is placed, the stronger and more bassy the sound of the exhaust will become.

What difference does a cold air intake make?

Does a Cold Air Intake Change Exhaust SoundThere are many types of car tuning nowadays. The modification of the engine part of the car is especially popular with many vehicle owners. Most often drivers resort to the installation of a cold intake, as a result of which cold air begins to flow into the motor. Almost every car owner dream that his truck would move faster and work even greater, and the engine in a traffic jam would vibrate as little as possible. The cold intake system allows you to fill the cylinders with cool air, thus increasing the efficiency of the motor.

What Does the Cold Intake System Do?

One of the ways to increase the power of the car is considered to be exactly the installation of a cold air intake system. However, each of the systems has its own advantages. Among the advantages I will note:

  • Increased power.
  • Increased sensitivity of the gas pedal.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Smooth operation of the unit.

Immediately after installing or replacing this cold intake system, you’ll be able to notice changes in your driving.

That’s It!

I hope that today I have answered all your questions about improving the exhaust sound on your car. In fact, there are many other ways to achieve this and they are not that complicated. Some of them you can even do yourself. But, in any case, a cold intake system has many benefits, among which an increase in power and performance of your vehicle. So, do not doubt and buy this system, because it is extremely useful and necessary for every truck. In the end, did you like this tutorial? If so, I also advise you to share this link with your friends and write comments on this topic below. Have a great trip!

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