How Do I Know if My Cold Air Intake is Working?

The whole world knows the Jeep car model. Until now, this car is a recognized classic and is known to true connoisseurs as an example of a perfect combination of style and power. In recent years, this car continued to be improved, which further raised the rating of ‘Jeep’ and strengthened its worthy reputation. But, as time showed, even the most cult car can be improved, especially when the question is about engine power. Such accessories include Jeep Liberty Cold Air Intakes. You may have already bought a new cold air intake system or are just about to do so, but today I will tell you in detail how to understand that this system works. So, if this interests you, then read the whole article soon!

Cold Air Intake for Jeep

Agree that to begin with you need to understand what a cold intake system is and what it does for your Jeep. In fact, a cold intake system is a modern and very popular type of engine tuning that can qualitatively reduce the degree of heating of the air entering the engine, thereby increasing the efficiency of filling the cylinders with it. In other words, the air with which the engine operates must be as cold as possible, so that when the accelerator pedal is pressed, the greatest return occurs. An air intake system is created to perform this function.

With any engine setup and simple maintenance, the fuel-air mixture is one part of the head on which power characteristics depend. However, OEM filters have a filter part made of incredibly dense material, and its design fails to allow sufficient flow of this mixture into the cylinders. Thus, the cold air intake is a filter with zero resistance and microscopic openings that allow a much larger volume of air to pass through.

Well now let’s get to the main question. If you wanted to add some power to your Jeep, the best thing you can do is install zero resistance filters. So, to know that your cold intake system actually works, look at the following benefits of this device:

  • Firstly, you’ll notice a difference in the way your car runs right away, as your Jeep will run smoother and softer This is definitely a huge plus!
  • Secondly, you will feel the increased engine power and torque, which is also important. In addition, you’ll be able to hear the turbocharger start-up quicker after the cold intake system is installed. You’ll also notice increased accelerator pedal responsiveness and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

That’s It!

Today we’ve covered such an important topic as how the air intake works for your Jeep. Most importantly, you now understand how to know if your cold intake system is working or not. You will agree that this device has a lot of advantages, so you will not regret buying this system! Also, you can write in the comments what other changes you noticed in your Jeep after the installation of the air intake. I hope this article was useful to you! Have a great trip!

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