How Much Horsepower Does a Cold Air Intake Add to Your Jeep Cherokee?

Are you interested in cold intake systems for cars and their functions, or do you just want to know what your Cold Air Intake for Jeep Cherokee can do? Either way, you’ve probably ever wondered if this system can really add horsepower to your car? Or maybe you’d like to know exactly how many extra horsepower you’re getting? Then you’re lucky today, as you’ve found the right site. here I’m going to tell you in detail just how much extra power your cold intake system adds in the end. So, if you would rather know the answer to your question, then read the entire article! Here we go!

First, you need to understand what a cold intake system is. I’ll start by saying that in order for your engine to run more efficiently, it needs cold air. There is a fixture for this process. In other words, a cold air intake is a fixture that puts cold air into your internal combustion motor to raise its power.
The ordinary intake system most often has plenty of resistance to airflow. More than that, the air intake is usually made from the hot motor compartment. All this lowers the motor power.

But how exactly does the system increase the power of your vehicle? Actually, cold air has a higher density than hot air. Consequently, more oxygen goes into the motor and power goes up. All cold intake systems are based on the supply of outside air, which is visibly cooler than the underhood air. However, the term “cold intake” is frequently mislabeled as referring to open-air zero resistance filters in the engine compartment. Such a system, on the contrary, increases the temperature of the intake air, and it would be more correct to call it “hot intake”.

And now you can already conclude that a cold intake system is about to add about 5 to 15 HP to your Jeep, but still keep in mind that it all varies on the kind of air intake, the location, vehicle brand, model, and, for sure, size of your motor. Cold air intakes require denser or cooler air to be effective, so they are frequently set up next to the fender, not the stock location. The majority of air intakes use bigger ducts located at the front of the motor compartment to deliver great amounts of cool air to the motor and avoid heated air.

That’s It!

Bottom line, today I gave you the details on how much horsepower your cold intake system can add. In fact, you’ll agree that it’s not that little! What’s more, it’s so good for your car’s engine. So if you enjoyed this tutorial, I suggest you also write a comment below and share your thoughts on this topic with us! Have a great trip!

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