How Often do I Change my Car Filter

How Often do I Change my Car Filter?

Have you ever wondered how often and whether you need to change the filter in your truck? And I already have the answer to your question right away. Of course, it is very essential to replace the item because it has so many advantages, such as it improves power, by passing a big amount of air declines consumption due to the motor is not overstretched. Can be set up in a standard place, which is almost any truck, you do not need to redo anything. However, how often should it be done and how to do it right? Today I will answer these questions in detail. So, if you are interested, then continue reading the article!

What is a Cold Air Intake System?

The cold air intake is a fairly simple system that ensures a quick supply of cold air to the truck’s intake manifold. But to get the best out of the motor when the accelerator pedal is pressed, the air should be as cold as it can be. To provide the supply of cold air flow, both ready-made “kits” are used, given for each car model, and are created independently from improvised means. Many people prefer to take the air from underhood space. Moreover, it is not as productive as it needs to be, because while driving the motor operation increases the temperature under the hood. Therefore, the effect will be minimal from such procedure of air intake. It is greater to make air intake from a place where the temperature is the lowest, namely from the street. The function of the cold intake can be performed by a special decorative grille, cut independently in the radiator or the air intake, which is attached to the bottom of the bumper.

How Often do I Change my Car Filter

When we see a tuned car, we unconsciously come into indescribable delight. Well, who can be in different color swallow with unique and unrepeatable headlights, new, sport seats, and spoiler? And everyone will understand that before the transformation, it was usual, not differing from others car, of the standard model with age enough for writing it off to scrap. Tuned cars are popular today as never before. But it is not news! In fact, tuning lets transforming the car significantly, to make it brighter, to emphasize individuality. What is wrong with owning a small masterpiece and knowing that no one else has such a truck! And if the vehicle is fast, astonishes with its performance in fuel consumption, stability to extreme situations on the road, then this car is of no value at all! But can you make tuning with your own hands? Very easy! And one of the questions is how often it is necessary to clean the filter of the cold air intake system?

How Often to Change Cold Air Intake Filter?

How Often do I Change my Car FilterThe filter needs to be replaced every 10,000 km or once a year, paying attention to the climate and dustiness on the roads. The humidity of the air in autumn and spring periods requires careful attention to the air filtration system. As dusty and wet weather alternates and this accelerates filter contamination. A lot of dust sticks to a wet filter. It also gets wet and loses its properties. Check its condition at every service visit.

After long trips on dirt roads, it is great that the filter is either replaced or at least cleaned with compressed air. During the procedure of filter replacement, the master has to wipe the air intake body and set up the filter exactly in the right places. If the filter is set up loose, contaminated air will leak into the motor. An important step is the selection of the filter. As their variety is very large and each filter has its own dimensions. In addition, low-quality filters may be of cheap material and do not provide the important air filtration.

What Does an Air Intake Filter Do?

The main function of a standard air filter is to clean the air and keep dust out of the engine. But while getting effective filtration, we lose power. Paper elements have great resistance to the airflow because the material is dense. The greater the resistance, the greater the loss of power. Especially noticeable when the filter is “clogged”. The zero-resistance filter is a replacement for the standard filter, which allows you to reduce the resistance at the intake without reducing the filtering capacity and increase engine power. This is due to a special material that has less resistance to air. Accordingly, more air enters the engine, the power is higher. This way you can add “a few horses”. In most “zero-vacuum” gives a power gain of about 3-5%. A person physically cannot feel the difference in the power of the car less than 5 hp and dynamic characteristics are almost imperceptible.

How Often to Clean Cold Air Intake?

How Often do I Change my Car FilterAs car manufacturers advise, the zero-resistance filter needs to be cleaned every 5-10 km. Sometimes you have to do it more often, certainly if you service the truck in a dusty environment. The procedure for cleaning the filter may vary slightly varying on the treatment agent bought, and the instructions on the package will be the most faithful assistant. The creator always indicates how to properly flush and soak the filter with his product. Thereby, the installation and the most important maintenance of this part, namely cleaning and washing is rather relevant for forced motors, when even the smallest possibilities to upgrade the power are appreciated…

That’s It!

Now you know almost everything about cold air intake system filters. Please mention that the regulations for changing and washing the filter are not so strict, but they are super necessary for their proper functioning. In general, almost the entire engine process depends on filter maintenance. That’s why you’ll see amazing results after the first change. All in all, did you enjoy this tutorial? If so, I also encourage you to write in the comments about your experience and share the link with your friends!

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