How to Clean K&N Air Filter

How to Clean K&N Air Filter

If you own a K&N Air Filter, then you’ve probably wondered how to clean it. Indeed, it is necessary to do so, but the process itself is quite simple! If you want to completely clean the air filter in your vehicle, then follow these steps:


First, you need to remove the filter from the cold air intake system. Place the filter on a hard surface and dust it off with a brush. When removing the filter and brushing, be careful not to damage the rubber parts of the filter.

TIP. Precautions for cleaning

Use only original K&N cleaners. Also, do not use compressed air to blow out the filter. Do not use solvents or petrol when cleaning the filter. The use of chemicals may deteriorate the filter element.

Spray cleaning

Then you need to spray a special cleaning compound on the air filter element. Wait 10 minutes for the solution to be completely absorbed into the filter.

Wet Cleaning

For large filters, wet cleaning is the best way to clean the air filter. To do this, place the air filter in a suitable container filled with a special cleaning solution. Rotate the air filter for a truck to ensure that all sections of the filter element are immersed in the solution. After washing the filter, place it on a hard surface and wait about 10 minutes until the cleaning solution is absorbed into the filter. Flat filters are much easier to wash. After washing, place the filter on a hard surface and wait until the solution is absorbed into the filter element.


After the detergent has soaked into the filter element, rinse the filter with clean water at minimum pressure.


After rinsing the filter, remove excess water and dry the filter element at ambient temperature. Do not use force drying. Exposing the filter elements to high temperatures can ruin the filter elements.

TIP. Precautions for using impregnation

Never use the filter without oil impregnation. The filter will not function properly. Use only oil produced by K&N. The special impregnation for the filter is a unique composition of mineral and organic bases and special polymers that forms an effective barrier to dust. Do not use engine oil, automatic transmission oil as well as “WD-40”. Any of these products will damage the filter.

How to Clean K&N Air FilterAerosol Oil Impregnation

Spray oil-based impregnation on the filter. Hold the can about 10 inches away from the filter. Do not re-spray. Spray until the filter element turns reddish. Wait 10 minutes for the impregnation to dry. If any areas remain unsoaked, repeat spraying.

Oil Impregnation

To do this, apply oil impregnation to the filter element. Wait 20 minutes until the filter is dry. Repeat the oil impregnation if some areas are still white.

Install Air Filter

Then reinstall your air filter. When installing the filter, be careful not to damage the rubber collars of the filter element. Secure all clips or clamps on the air filter housing securely. If using the filter in a dusty environment, you may need to use a special sealant for the air housing cover.

That’s It!

Now you already know how to properly clean an air filter. I told you in the beginning that it’s quite simple. However, if you liked this tutorial, you can write your own comments on this article. Moreover, I suggest you share this link with your friends.

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