Upgrade for Camaro V6 LT, LS with Cold Air Intake

Quick Power & Acceleration Upgrade for Camaro V6 LT, LS with Cold Air Intake

It is no longer a surprise to all real drivers that the trucks are one of the most powerful and highly advanced models. Perhaps you are interested in improving your vehicle? But maybe you don’t know how to achieve it? Then I have good news for you. This is where I will tell you how to increase the power and acceleration of your Camaro with a Cold Air Intake for Camaro V6 LT, LS. It’s really not that difficult! To find out more about it, follow these tips:

First you need to understand what a cold air intake system is and how it works. In fact, everything is very simple! An air intake is a part of the power system of vehicles with internal combustion engines, as well as pipes of different shape, cross-section and design for air intake and its directed delivery to the air filter and further to the carburetor or throttle assembly.

The Air Intake Has Several Functions:

  • Quick Power & Acceleration Upgrade for Camaro V6 LT, LS with Cold Air IntakeAtmospheric (cold) air intake to feed the engine;
  • Warm air intake to power the engine during cold start and warm-up (mainly in cold weather);
  • Some types of air intakes to protect the engine power system from water and dirt getting into it;
  • In some cars and tuning it acts as a decorative element.

Well, now you have to decide, does the cold air intake system really increase the power and acceleration of the truck? Moreover, how to make Camaro faster? And the answer is a Cold Air Intake for Camaro! The air-cooling system, is one way to increase the performance of the engine.

When the engine works, it sucks in air (oxygen), mixes it with fuel, and burns the resulting mixture to produce energy. It is one of the main components of internal combustion engines.

If, you increase the amount of air or the amount of fuel that goes into the engine, you can increase the power output. But increasing the amount of fuel is a simple task, but increasing the air flow to the engine is much more complicated. That’s when the cold air system comes into action.

Another aspect of the cold air intake system, is to reduce airflow resistance. This system has a zero-resistance air filter, and its air intakes are carefully polished to reduce resistance to air flow. This reduces unwanted turbulence in the lines.

Cold air intake system, does not cause an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, it’s a cheap alternative when you don’t have the time or money to make the serious investment in engine modifications needed for other systems.

That’s It!

I told you it wasn’t that complex. Only with the cold air intake system you can increase the power and speed of your Camaro. It’s cool, isn’t it? All in all, did you enjoy this tutorial? If so, I also advise you to share your experience and thoughts in the comments!

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