What Happens if You Don’t Change the Air Filter?

Every car owner who has looked under the hood has seen a simple design called an air filter in the Best Cold Air Intake for Mazda RX8. This filter helps the car’s engine breathe clean air. The air entering the engine is necessary for the combustion of fuel. But what do you do, and more importantly, what happens if you don’t change the air filter in your car? This is the question I will answer today in detail. So, let’s get started quickly!

The proper combustion process depends on the ratio of air to fuel. The ideal ratio is 15 to 1. This means that the air should be 15 and sometimes 20 times more than the fuel. From this, it comes out that for each 1000 km the car uses 120 – 150 cubic meters of air. Figures are quite immodest, and if to imagine that surrounding air is full of dust, gases, small seeds of various plants and it is only a small part of pollution.

What Can Happen If the Air Filter Is Not Changed in Time?

1. Appearance

The appearance of the filter itself will be distasteful. It will be a lump of dust, dirt, insects, and small leaves. Such a filter will not let enough air into the engine. You may get insects in it, rodents may be interested in it – which can easily chew through any wire or hose.

2. Fuel consumption

A clogged filter directly affects fuel consumption in the system. Lack of oxygen in the engine does not allow effective combustion of fuel, which means there is an over-enrichment of the combustion mixture, which in turn increases fuel consumption by 10-15% of the norm.

3. Decrease in engine power output

Improper combustion of a mixture of oxygen and fuel is an additional load on the car engine, therefore, there will be a slow acceleration and the unstable work of the engine at idle.

4. Toxicity of exhaust gases

It is no secret that the car emits toxic gases into the air. Many countries in the world have standards for the toxicity of car exhaust gases. There are methods of controlling the toxicity of exhaust, various diagnostic benches, and portable gas analyzers. When the air filter is clogged, the toxicity of exhaust gases increases, which means that the ambient air is even more clogged.

5. Mass airflow sensor malfunction

Because of the DMRV malfunction, a «Check Engine» error occurs, fuel consumption changes, the car may begin to stall and engine malfunctions may occur.

As a result, now it is clear that in any case, the filter can become clogged so that the air will stop flowing into the engine, and as a result, the car will not be able to start. Of course, you should not forget about the mechanical damage of the filter, they are fraught with poor-quality air filtration, and small particles falling into the engine will simply put it out of operation and need to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, it is advisable to change the air filter regularly. I also hope that this article was useful for you! Do you think you should change the air filter regularly or not? Hurry up and tell me in the comments!

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