Why Your Powerstroke Deserves an Upgraded Cold Air Intake

Why Your Powerstroke Deserves an Upgraded Cold Air Intake

Whether you own a Powerstroke, don’t you want to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy or power output? Also, are you counting on a cheap improvement to your truck? Well, I have a good suggestion for you. Only a new and super upgraded Cold Air Intake for Powerstroke Engines can help you enhance your powerstroke motor. To learn more about why this particular upgrade is good for your vehicle and to find out the different types of them, then keep reading this article.

I’m sure it’s clear to everyone that the engine needs cold air to run. Otherwise, there will be excess fuel in the cylinders, hence overheating. But if your vehicle involves a lot of parts to increase power, you’re in luck. There are only two options for tuning your air intake system: installing a different intake manifold and installing a larger throttle.

Air Intake System

Why Your Powerstroke Deserves an Upgraded Cold Air IntakeSpeaking of the intake manifold, in most cases the intake manifold is made with long channels. This is necessary for stable idle and sure traction at low engine speeds. And manifolds with variable geometry can still transport air with the necessary flow according to the engine load. But such receivers have a disadvantage which is the inability to fully supply the cylinders with air at engine speeds closer to the maximum. This happens because the channels are too long and the volume of the receiver itself is small. Here you need to decide what you want to get from the engine, besides a slight increase in power. That is, maximum torque is reached at minimum RPM (revolutions per minute), or shifted to above-average RPM, and maximum RPM of the motor is increased.

For a “low” motor I advise installing a manifold with long channels, but they will be larger in volume and properly shaped. It is important that the seat for the throttle was as much as possible in the center, otherwise, there will be a big difference between the cylinders in air consumption. For power gains at medium to high RPMs, you need a bigger air tank and shorter channels. They can also be fitted with “blowouts” that provide the acoustic resonance, improving filling and reducing the sound of the engine running. Pay attention to the distance of the receiver from the injectors, for high volume manifolds are often at a minimum distance from the injectors, and this unnecessarily heats up the fuel.

However, by upgrading to an aftermarket cold air intake system, you get the advantage of a durable, reusable air filter that never needs replacing. Also, the biggest benefit for most is the extra airflow, which equates to more power and better fuel economy.

If you are already looking for a new and improved cold air intake system for Ford, I highly recommend the K&N brand. You can look at all kinds of systems on this manufacturer’s website and see if the cold air intake system is right for your Ford. But be sure that you will absolutely find there a Cold Air Intake for 6.0 Powerstroke, 6.4 Ford Powerstroke, 6.7 Powerstroke Engine, and for 7.3 Powerstroke.

That’s It!

I hope I answered your question about why your Powerstroke Deserves an upgraded cold air intake. In the end, did you enjoy this tutorial? Also, I recommend that you share your experiences and thoughts below in the comments. Moreover, you can share the link with the rest of the Powerstroke owners.

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