What Are Cold Air Intakes and How Do They Increase Power and Efficiency

What Are Cold Air Intakes and How Do They Increase Power and Efficiency?

Perhaps you’ve ever wanted to boost your truck’s power, but didn’t know how to do it? Then you’re in luck today! Because I will help you increase the efficiency and power of your Subaru WRX with just one tool.
I present to you the Best Cold Air Intake for Subaru WRX. If you are interested in this topic, then keep reading this article!

First, you need to understand what a cold intake system is. I’ll start by saying that in order for your engine to run more efficiently, it needs cold air. There is a fixture for this process. In other words, a cold air intake is a fixture that puts cold air into your internal combustion engine to increase its power.

Cold Air Intake for Subaru WRXThe standard intake system most often has a lot of resistance to airflow.  In addition, the air intake is usually made from the hot engine compartment. All this reduces the engine power.

But how exactly does the system increase the power of your vehicle? Actually, cold air has a higher density than hot air. Consequently, more oxygen goes into the engine and power goes up. All cold intake systems are based on the supply of outside air, which is visibly cooler than the underhood air. However, the term “cold intake” is frequently mislabeled as referring to open-air zero resistance filters in the engine compartment. Such a system, on the contrary, increases the temperature of the intake air, and it would be more correct to call it “hot intake”.

K&N Cold Air Intake Systems

In addition, I want to give some examples of the best brands of cold air intake systems. K&N intake systems represent minimal intake losses, reliable engine protection, and instant throttle response. By means of this product, your vehicle will be significantly more powerful. What’s more, all K&N systems are custom-made for each truck model. Cool, isn’t it? Also, you won’t have any trouble installing it and it won’t take you much time. By the way, the zero-filter intake system is washable and reusable.

AEM Cold Air Intake Systems

But there’s also another brand of the cold air intake system. AEM intake systems for Subaru WRX are engineered to increase engine power and torque as well as improve engine sound. AEM intake systems are developed, tuned, and bench-tested for the best compatibility with various makes of vehicles based on their design features. The kit includes an oversized dry synthetic washable filter. The larger size gives the engine an optimum airflow and makes it easier to clean the filter.

And since you own a Mishimoto Subaru WRX, I suggest you consider this product. The Mishimoto Subaru WRX Performance Cold-Air Intake includes everything you need to install, installs in less than one hour, and works great with a standard setup. This system will fit your truck perfectly and you will definitely be happy with it. You can rest assured of that!

That’s It!

So, now you know how you can increase the power and efficiency of your truck. It’s not hard at all! And if you liked this tutorial, then write comments and share your experience with us!

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