What is The Difference Between a Short Ram Intake and a Cold Air Intake?

When it comes to aftermarket air intakes in your Jeep Patriot, air intakes usually come in two different types. Basically, an air filter intake comes standard on every vehicle. It supplies enough air for the motor to be mixed with the fuel and ensures a good quality fuel-air mixture. Today I am going to look at the difference between Jeep Patriot Cold Air Intake and short air intakes. So, hurry up and read the entire article!

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air IntakeThe cold intake air intake is created to reduce the temperature of the air going to the motor. The air intake is engineered so that the air filter is as far away from the hot motor as it can be, such as in a front fender or under a fender, to draw in as much cold, oxygenated air as possible. When this air is drawn into the motor, its power will increase. Cold intake air intakes are best used with smaller engines that produce more heat because of the turbocharger. It’s also the best choice when you want to get a good quality air-fuel combination, so these coolers are used in race cars.

Because the cold intake air intakes are longer and the air filter is placed farther away, occasionally in the fender, they are more difficult to fit and pricier. Also, the air intake opening is located below the engine, so if the truck hits the water about half a meter high, the engine will stall, which is known as a water hammer, and it will need to be repaired long and hard. To avoid this, you will need to additionally install a bypass valve between the air intake opening and the air filter. This is especially necessary for areas where it rains frequently. If the air filter is covered in water, the air will be drawn in through the bypass valve, but without water.

Short Ram Intake

Short Ram IntakeThe Short Ram Intake has a small length air intake and a larger air filter located in a plastic box close to the motor. The air going through this intake is warm, so you might think that it has no effect on engine power. But the air intake and air filter are very wide, enabling more air to get to the motor, and this makes up for its short length and proximity to the motor. The short air intake is cheaper than the cold intake, easier to set up, and used mostly on cars with larger motors.

There are many statements, arguments, etc. about the effectiveness of a short pressure intake versus a cold intake, but if you need to upgrade your vehicle’s intake system, any intake option is acceptable and will improve the efficiency of your truck’s motor.

That Is It!

The bottom line is that there are many advantages and drawbacks to cold air intake and to short ram intake. The first given system does get tighter than the short ram intake. But because it is longer and a little complicated, it often costs more. This improved complexity usually results in a more complicated and special fitting. Today I’ve discussed the main differences between the two systems and hopefully you’ll make up your mind. I also hope this article was useful to you!

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