Will Cold Air Intake Void Vehicle Warranty?

Cold air intakes are aftermarket parts designed to increase the intake of cold air into an engine. They’re usually made from high-flow synthetic filter materials and are designed to reduce resistance, allowing for greater airflow. It, in turn, can lead to improved engine performance and fuel efficiency. To maximize these benefits for your BMW, consider investing in the Best BMW Cold Air Intake. This high-quality product ensures a consistent supply of cool, oxygen-rich air to your engine, enhancing combustion efficiency, power output, and overall vehicle performance.

Does Installing a Cold Air Intake Void Your Vehicle Warranty?

The short answer is no; installing a cold air intake will not void your vehicle warranty. However, there are some exceptions you should be aware of.

What the Law Says About Modifications That May Void Your Warranty

Will Cold Air Intake Void Vehicle WarrantyUnder the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, manufacturers may not void your vehicle warranty due solely to an aftermarket modification such as a cold air intake installation. This act protects consumers from companies that attempt to limit their warranties by prohibiting certain modifications or repairs. However, this does not mean that warranties cover all modifications; if you modify your vehicle in such a way that causes damage or contributes to subsequent damages, then the manufacturer may still deny coverage for those damages under their warranty terms and conditions.

Manufacturer’s Stance on Aftermarket Parts and Warranties

Even though the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents manufacturers from voiding your vehicle warranty due to an aftermarket part installation, some manufacturers may still raise concerns. For example, suppose the cold air intake was installed incorrectly and caused damage to an engine component. In that case, the manufacturer may argue that the modification contributed to the damages and deny warranty coverage for repairs. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you install any aftermarket parts correctly to avoid this issue.

Possible Exceptions to Manufacturer Policies

In some cases, a manufacturer may void your warranty due to an aftermarket part installation, even though this practice is illegal under federal law. It can happen if a dealership or repair shop misrepresents an aftermarket part as a genuine OEM part. For example, suppose you have a cold air intake installed by a repair shop, and they use non-OEM parts but report them as OEM parts on your service record. In that case, this misrepresentation can allow the manufacturer to void your vehicle warranty despite being illegal under consumer protection laws.


Overall, installing a cold air intake will not typically void your vehicle warranty; however, it is important to be aware of certain exceptions, such as misreporting aftermarket parts. It’s also important to ensure aftermarket parts are installed correctly to avoid potential issues that could lead to denied warranty coverage.

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